Another eight inches of snow fell last night and it’s still snowing lightly. It’s very heavy, wet snow and it has made a mess of my chicken yard. The netting has totally succumbed to defeat this time and has torn away from its moorings in several places. Once this snow is gone, I will be cutting it down. I can hardly bring myself to take a picture of it. Oy. Maybe later.

I managed to shovel my way to the chickens this morning and took pity on them and put their food and water in the coop. I prefer not to have those things in my coop. It keeps it much cleaner and dryer in the long run and since I have such a nice outdoor shelter for them, I’d rather keep those things outside the coop. But this is an exceptionally difficult snowfall that I’m making do.

Decided it was a good day to do my watercolor challenge with C. A colorful subject on a basically black and white day.

This was so happy making, that I decided to do a bonus one just for fun.

I am so enamored of this style of watercolor. I have many of them saved on my Pinterest boards. It’s the watercolor version of Bob Ross art. “Let’s make a little indication of a grove of trees…..” 🙂 God bless him. He was such an inspiration to so many people.

Now I have to think of something else to do real quick. Otherwise I will have to go out and shovel snow.