Dogless Days

The dog days of summer have arrived. I imagine it might be more bearable if I actually had a dog to commiserate with. But alas, I am dogless, therefore I’m on my own in the dry and heat.

I am happy to report however that the garden makeover was worth it, because the new soil has made a difference. As long as I pour the water to it, things keep growing and thriving.

I have begun to harvest potatoes and summer squash. And managed to make up two things I wanted specifically from my garden this year. Pesto and falafel. My parsley and dill did particularly well. I’m hoping for at least one more batch of pesto before all is said and done out there.

And the other summer chore was completed just a few days ago when my brother came over and helped me stack the last row of firewood.

I had been slogging away on it on my own and was a little mentally worn out by it by that point. We finished it off in style though….

It always SEEMS like a lot of wood until around March when the fingernail biting begins. So if I do see a random small trailer of it downtown for sale, I’ll think it over. Just to save my March manicure.

It’s always a funny feeling when the wood is all stacked to find myself with the urge to start a fire and ‘test out’ my wood. A little bit of madness on a 95 degree day.

I’m glad to have honest, physical, tangible work to do. It helps keep my mind off the less than balanced state of the world. It’s too exhausting to talk about to tell you the truth. Today I decided to paint this moody and enigmatic landscape instead of trying to be verbally clever. Take from it what you will…

I was trying to emulate this…

Alas, one can detect clearly the amateur from the master. But I keep trying. It didn’t help that I used a landscape orientation rather than a portrait, which is one of the reasons the original is so striking. Ah well, maybe next time….