A Hot Bath

I ask you, is there anything on this planet as good as a hot

bath ? A nice laze in the tub is among my chief joys in life.

Have you ever wondered about the first human to ever come upon a

hot spring that was temperate enough to get into?

I would be willing to chase away some pretty formidable dinosaurs

in order to have a good soak. They look like they have really

small brains most of them, hopefully one could dupe them in some

way or another to get them the heck out of your favorite pool.

Maybe a signed copy of “Origin of Species” thrown into a nearby

tree would do it.

Now I have never much admired the Romans. They seemed a generally

nasty lot. Pushy, arrogant, brutal. But you have to give them

some respect for knowing the value of a good hot bath. They went

to great lengths to construct them wherever they went.

I do some of my best thinking in the tub. Have imaginary

conversations, do complex life strategy analysis and generally

get the world squared away in about a half an hour. Can you say

that about any college course that’s available today?

“30 minutes to a new attitude” I don’t think so.

I read a book just recently where the main character traveled

back in time. I was waiting throughout the whole book for this

dolt to figure out how to get a good bath thing going and teach

the locals all about the glories of hot water, but it wasn’t on

the agenda. Drove me nuts. 🙂

I have decided that the only thing that would make my bathing

ritual complete is to get myself one of those yellow rubber

duckie things to float. I am a grown woman, and suspect I may

be doing some regression into childish things, but hey, what the

heck, no one will know but me right ?

Uh, wait a minute….. 🙂