Pioneer Diary ?

It makes sense that we might quite enjoy reading a diary of a

pioneer woman who braved the elements every day just to take care

of the most basic of human needs. We might find it interesting

to see how she managed to survive a long cold winter cooped up

in a sod hut.

But what will it be like to read about a woman of 2002, 100

years from today ? I wonder if the pioneer woman thought her

life extraordinary? But we are grateful that she wrote about her

life, because in so many ways it is very different from our own.

This is a difficult thing for me at least, to see my life in

any way as extraordinary. But what if I am wrong ?

I saw a program last night about Thomas Jefferson. The last

entry in his personal journal was a caluclation of how much

lamp oil had cost him for a month and how many hours of light

he had gotten from that quanity. Amazing.

But then, he was not constantly distracted by television,

radio, music at the push of a button… I often wonder what

American society would be like without the teletube….

So as an excersize I give you some mundane details of my day.

A homemaker in California (NOT Los Angeles, thank you very


This morning at 7:30 my neighbor Diane and I went for our

daily walk. We were gone for an hour. Talked a blue streak and

felt refreshed. We had planned to go to the library today so

after breakfast we headed out in Diane’s car. Stopped at the

bank where I deposited a $350. check from the sale

of a Jack Russel Terrier pup that we could not civilize to

accept our older dog and a passive cat that the pup mauled

unmercifully. Along with the 350.00 was a check for $10.00

that I got from my father because we bet on the World Series

and my Angels won 🙂 And another 228.00 that was my “mad money”

from selling hand crafted gourds that I make and some baby

sitting I had done for my daughter in law.

Diane and I went to Wal-Mart to buy yarn (2.09) a skein

because her aunt from Maine is here visiting and is going to

teach Diane to crochet. We then went to the library where we

both picked out some more cookbooks. Diane has a web site where

she posts recipies once a week. I also got a book about

menopause because I think I am starting to have hot flashes !

Eeek ! We then headed over to Wal-Mart where I bought Black Cohosh, Evening Primrose Oil and

Ginko Biloba tablets that are supposed to help with the onset

of menopause. I am starting with the Black Cohosh first I have

decided. These were all priced reasonably at about

4 dollars a bottle.

Then we headed over to Mervyn’s and I bought another down

lap blanket like one we already have because they were on sale

for 20.00 and my husband wanted another one.(He is wrapped up

in it right now on the couch.) I bought a country blue one.

We got home just after lunch time and I spent a quiet

afternoon. When my husband got home (we only have one car)

I drove over to yoga class and spent a lovely hour practicing

yoga. I even did some research today about what would be

involved in getting a yoga instructor’s certificate. I found

very mixed results. If I am serious about it, I will need to

talk to some people who have done it and get some advise.

I thought it might be very nice to conduct yoga classes in

my home, just to make a little extra money.

I don’t know, it does seem pretty ordinary doesn’t it ?

But what do you think the average person’s life will be like

in 2102 ? Maybe all this running around will sound funny to

them. Maybe they will do everything from home. Shopping,

virtual classes, banking. Actually, all those things ARE

available now, but not everyone does them ALL the time.

Oh, I am rambling …. excuse me. I better go to bed.

Thomas Jefferson I am not……