Rabbit Holes Lined With Floss

I have fallen down one for sure.

Creativity is a quirky little b— … I mean fairy. It comes, it goes. It takes you by the tender bits and tosses you in the wonderous waters of delight one day, and the next will not be bought for a king’s ransom. Having lived long enough to know this, when she shows up, I pay attention and get on the train. Right now, it’s the Slow Stitching train. Here’s the latest project.

This is the piece before sewing it into this little pocket, the idea for which I found from this person:

new pockets – 4 down, 3 to go | gonerustic (wordpress.com)

Here it is assembled:

And while I am happy with my attempt, I am fully aware of my novice status, because my friends, there are people ‘out there’ who are creating such marvels as this confection of delight:

What wizardry is this?

What alchemy?

Here she is… feast your eyes on her work:

Jacqui (@jacquimartinart) • Instagram photos and videos

I will most likely never be able to breathe the air up there… but I can certainly aspire. But for now I will just gaze in awe and be thankful that someone can compose such an object of wonder.

I hope I never get tired of learning new things. 💗

5 Replies to “Rabbit Holes Lined With Floss”

  1. Wow! Love your quirky blog style and this little pocket is beautiful. Give yourself a pat on the back Deborah 👏Such a fun read! I’m over the moon that you enjoy my work and feel inspired by it too 🙏 Slow stitching can definitely grow on you faster than bindweed can take over your garden! Having said that, it also acts as a meditation…slowing down the mind from our everyday hustle and bustle…enabling us to simply BE in the moment…allowing the magic to begin between needle and thread…heart and soul 💕 Enjoy every moment

  2. Reading about your adventures is indeed a thing I must do when I have the time. Your recent projects are beautiful.

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