I May Have Made a Tactical Error

After making the tiny amulet pouch, I fell down the rabbit hole into the Slow Stitching vortex. Somebody stop me.

Though really, that is an insincere request. I don’t want to be saved. But I MAY need therapy. Jill of all Trades and Master of None should be my factory issue stamp somewhere on my body.

It’s hard to resist learning something new. Although to be fair, I DO have a Pinterest board that I formed years ago with embroidery in it that I thought… ‘one day I’ll get into this’. Well, I guess this is that day. Only thing is I thought it would be some pristine, well ordered, planned out masterpiece I’d be working on. Instead, I’m diddling around with fabric collage embellished with the simplest stitches imaginable.

Please consider this my sampler project, just trying to understand the process. Because if you look up other people’s work you will immediately notice my novice status. But hey… we have to start somewhere right?

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