Easily Influenced

My friend C. sent me something on Pinterest.

She might as well be a drug dealer. I fell for the idea instantly. It’s something called Kusamono. Which evidently literally means ‘grass thing’. You can read about them here:

Displaying Plants — Kusamono Gardens

Now one of the reasons I fell into her trap so easily, was that I have for some time now I have been wanting to make a real bonsai tree. I have been watching a man from England who is an absolute master.:

(1) 1 2 1 workshop Styling Abies Nordmanniana & Airlayering – YouTube

I even have a maple tree in a pot outdoors that I am training for transplanting into a bonsai pot maybe next year. So when I saw this photo on Pintrest and they called it ‘soft bonsai’ …. I thought, OH, I could do this NOW! And to add to my enthusiasm I bought a bonsai pot at the second hand store some months ago that has just been hanging out in the cupboard. So there was no need to go anywhere for what I needed. Everything was right here!

I ran all over the yard and garden… and the kitchen… and made this:

I teased out a pup from my Pilea plant that lives on the kitchen table, and went to the garden for some Mexican Feather Grass that I have coming up all over the place, a tiny viola plant, and some chamomile that reseeded itself from last year. I even had this plate to put it on to catch the water.

It was meant to be.

Here’s a top view:

All I need is some more sphagnum moss to put over the top of the dirt. I had a small amount on hand, but not enough.

I also went up on the hill to see if I could find some stump wood to make outdoor ones. I found one large one and a small one. I need to wait till tomorrow or the next day to take photos. The plants I put in them are still distressed from being transplanted and actually I want to find a few more things to poke in them. I’ll keep you posted unless it’s a dismal failure. Which won’t be too sad, because this one in the house is certainly sparking joy.

Thanks a lot C. Now I have another obsession. JUST what I needed. 🙄