Glass Gardens

Now that our Bogwillow journey has come to an end…

(For which we are all eternally grateful.)

Wow, that was kinda snarky, considering you were a character in some of the stories.

(I’m just trying to be consistent.)


Anyway, back to ‘reality’ around here. I have followed an artist, Danielle Donaldson for quite some time. I just love her art. Two things about it spark my interest. One, is the way she draws, and the other is the effects she gets with her color mixing and ‘glazing’ or adding colors after the base layers have dried.

Last week she had a sale on all her video classes on her website for half off! Well, I just could not pass that up, so I enrolled in one. This is my first painting which is a study of elements and colors that will be used in some of the upcoming projects.

You get to follow along with the drawing in pencil and then painting it. I truly enjoy the drawing more than I thought I would. It’s a challenge for me to ‘make things up’ to draw. I’m hoping that in going through this course I will become more confident to make some of my own drawings… eventually. But for now, I am quite content to just follow along…. like a puppy, with whatever she wants to draw.

This series is called Glass Gardens and it revolves around terrariums with imaginary plants growing in them. This is the next project. Test tubes held up by balloons with things growing in them.

It’s hard to get a good picture of this because the lines are pretty light. I’m looking forward to painting it in the next day or two.