Meanwhile, Back in Bogwillow

We have a few more Bogwillow stories to go. Sorry I got sidetracked by real life there for a while… 🙂

Cabin Fever Days

  The Bogwillow Cabin Fever Days festival was a great success this year. We had an impressive turnout even though the weather was not the most cooperative. The cold temperatures and overcast skies did not deter the exhibitors from turning out in record numbers.

  The usual booths were in full swing. Mattie Buttonbush, the oldest participant, was out with her crocheted lampshades again this year. She had several new styles to choose from and in the newest colors too.                          

  Twyla Hawthorn was whipping out batches of her trademark lavender fudge, and the folks were snapping it up as fast as she could make it. Fergus Fitweed was also there with his famous Haggis on Toast. At one point, I think I noticed that Fergus had the longest line in front of his booth. Nothing like a good shmear of Haggis on whole wheat toast to warm you up on a cold day. Although to be sure, Fergus was in a world of hurt as far as comfort goes, because his plaid didn’t seem to be enough protection from the cold weather. One only hopes that he had not gone regimental that day. For I’m sure no amount of steaming Haggis would be enough to counteract a chill breeze creeping up your skirts all day long.

  There was a new booth this year that was a big hit. Thaddeus Gromwell showed up. We rarely see him in Bogwillow, as he lives way up at the head of Lizard Creek. To say he’s a bit of a recluse would be an understatement, but there he was, bold as brass doing a brisk business in tanned Pack Rat hide goods. Not only was he wearing a cunningly fashioned Pack Rat hat, that had a row of Pack Rat snouts and beady little black eyes looking out over the brim, but he had a wide assortment of other items for sale. Seemed there was something for everybody. There were Pack Rat fur coin purses, and wallets, eyeglasses holders, and Pack Rat fur covered pencil boxes. He had made quite a few marble pouches that were very popular with the younger set.

But the real show stopper, was a little caveman outfit for Ken, who I hear Barbie recently dumped. I’m afraid I saw a little shoving in line, as the young ladies of Bogwillow were eager to purchase such a rare and unusual costume for their dolls.

There were a few booths with themes this year. Ned Burdock had set up a Harry Potter booth and was selling “magic wands”. Everyone knows there are no more unicorns, so Ned had made his out of deer antlers he had found in the woods. He had stained them many different colors and had carved runes on them. He also had a few cauldrons for sale. They were pretty pricey and beyond the resources of his young customers, but they made a good display. Someone came running up to tell me that little Toby Matheson had used his wand to turn a toad into a candy bar, but I think they were just pulling my leg.

  But of all the themed booths, I would have to say this author got the biggest kick out of Edgar Knobcone’s Lord of the Rings food booth. He had cut thin strips of pork and marinated them in his secret sauce and was barbecuing them on skewers. He had a huge sign that he had painted in Elvish lettering that read: “Ork On A Stick” with many leaves and vines surrounding the words. He was dressed as Legolas, complete with pale green tights, a quiver full of arrows and a bow. I must say, it was very effective. And if I am not mistaken, I think Edgar is going to be dating a lot in the coming weeks.

  Well, there you have it dear friends, another successful Cabin Fever Days festival come and gone. This can only bode well for the hastening of Spring. Although to be sure, it’s blowing a gale outside as I put the finishing touches on this article, which seems to belie the hope that we will see the first shoots of green anytime soon. But time is on our side, and it marches surely onward. Do not despair, Spring is on its way!

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