The Golden Grass Road

I’ve been enjoying walking on my trail these past weeks. On the days between rainstorms anyway. To our great joy, we have had rain on and off for quite a while, and it looks to continue for at least one more week. It’s never a LOT of rain, but it’s persistent. This has made for some unusually lush growth in the fields and it was becoming awkward to walk through.

The grasses you will see down below are called Bulbous Bluegrass. It is basically a thin stalk with a bundle of what are basically tiny future plants at the top, that as they mature turn a maroon color.

This grass seems to have no real purpose in the grand scheme of things around here. No animal I know of EVER eats it. So it must have no nutritional value. It just comes up, dries up, drops its little ‘plantlets’ and then the thin stalks get broken by the sun making them so brittle that they end up snaping or animals break them by walking on them… me being one. And if you go barefoot through them they end up getting caught between your toes. This happened all the time when I was a kidlet.

(Who are you trying to fool? You still go barefoot and it still happens all the time.)

Very well. It happens. Anyway, because this year’s crop of this grass is the most prolific any of us has ever seen, I borrowed Mr. P’s lawnmower to make an instant path. It turned out to be a thing of beauty.

I also mowed along the fence in the other fields so now I can stride along unimpeded.

On the other side of this fence there are two horses and a mule that trample down the bulbous bluegrass and it never gets a chance to really grow well over there. Anyway, that’s the state of things around here today. The excitement just never ends…. 🙂