Watercolor Experiment

So, I’m on a watercolor kick. So typical. Feast or famine in that department around here.

I followed a tutorial on YouTube the other day in which the woman used hot press and cold press watercolor paper. Cold press paper generally has a lot of texture. Hot press is quite smooth. I have used both before, but never doing a side by side comparison with a similar painting using the same colors and everything. It was quite revealing. I do the vast majority of my paintings on textured cold press paper. But I have to say, I enjoyed the results on the hot press for this project.

Cold press on the left, hot press on the right:

I’m doing this exercise while I’m waiting for some new paints I ordered. The class I’m taking from Danielle Donaldson was calling for several colors that I didn’t have which would make following her color scheme much easier for me. They should be here in a day or two.

In the meantime… I will study the real thing… the first real bouquet from the yard and garden. I’m going to just say it. They are my favorite flower.

Mostly divinely fragrant April in Paris with a few other volunteers including the sturdy and august ancestor Cupani.

Now WHERE is that FedEx guy?