Oak Knoll Revisited

Remember this slightly daft project up in the woods?

Well, this is what it looks like as of this morning:

This scene sort of reminds me of my own self. A one word description would be ‘incongruity’. By all that is reasonable, those flowers should not be there. At ALL. Nevertheless. They be.

And what amazes me is how they are thriving. I watered them one time after I planted them. We have had some rain and they are in a good spot to retain whatever they were given. But still. They look amazing compared to the barrenness around them.

I’m so happy deer don’t like them. I’m sure they are too. As a matter of fact, the daffodils around here are amazing this year. Mr. P. bought a big bag of them, and I did too. They are popping up with their bold deer-proof audacity that is nothing short of inspiring.

I even have a couple of clumps of these tiny beauties that I decided to pick and bring into the house. They smell like carnations with an attitude.

I wish I had a whole field full of them.

[Now where did I put that bulb catalog?]