The Duck Finds Out

Duckie Dear Diary

Dr.Rubber Duckie — well Yetziraleh what seems to be the problem?

Me–Uh, ahem, well doctor, I’m having a difficult time adjusting to the fact that I’m away from home all day suffering from what my enlightened middle son described to me as severe multi-tasking syndrome.

Dr.RD — And how did he arrive at this diagnosis?

Me– I described my work day to him in detail, and that’s what he said. He told me he has it where he works too.

Dr. RD– And what about the coping mechanisms we spoke about, how are they working?

Me– You mean the journaling and the scatological joke telling everyday? Well to tell you the truth the joke telling isn’t going too well. It doesn’t seem to foster the spirit of levity you were hoping for among those that I have tried it on, so I have given that up. But the journaling, now that’s a different story. You’ll be happy to know  that I have four journals going right now and I…

Dr. RD — Excuse me Liebling, did you say four?

Me — Yeeess… there’s the scribble book for creative writing, there’s my serious journal for factual, historical, family oriented, responsible, sort of writing. Then there’s the peri-menopausal rant journal where I’ve taken to writing scandalous thoughts that I don’t show to anyone, and finally, my online diary

Dr. RD (Wiping bubbles off this spectacles) What is an on line diary?

Me– Well it’s an open to the public diary that is posted on a Web site and anyone can come and read it 24 hours a day from all over the world.

Dr. RD — (Stunned watery silence). You mean to tell me people read this stuff you write on this web site? Your private thoughts?

Me— Er, I don’t put my menopausal rants on there… Very often that is. And I haven’t told any scatological jokes either. Which I thought was very wise on my part. (Smug smile)

Dr. RD — I am very surprised by your engaging in this psychologically reckless activity. Jung would be shocked by your lack of respect for the dividing line between your private self and your public self. Do you think this is a wise course of action during this stressful time?

Me –That didn’t occur to me, I will have to give that some thought.

Dr. RD — I should think you would. Well our hour is about up. Time to pull the plug. Look at that, you are as wrinkled as a prune.

Me– They call them dried plums now doctor.

Dr. RD — My dear, that would be a classic case of denial on their part. By the way you never mention me in this online diary do you? (frowning)

Me –Ah… sorry…. can’t hear you, the water draining and all… Thanks for the chat! See you next session. Have a good weekend! Bye-bye!

[Whew ! ]