Change of Pace

Today in a fit of supreme self control, I refrained from altering anything on the other side of the ice pond along the trail. However I did indulge what seems to be my current obsessive need to be doing something physical outdoors on this side.

My old rock balancing area has been completely neglected for at least two years, probably three. And since I DO walk by it now as I come up from the ice pond on my walks, I decided to clean it up.

I now know why archeology is a thing. The stones that I had scattered around that area had begun to disappear under the dirt. Star dust? Who knows. But I had to dig them up. I piled them on top of the big stone for now. They are going to need a cleaning before they are ready for balancing work.

There were some struggling Iris, two scraggly lavender plants, and a little pod of daffodils under about 8 inches of oak leaves and pine needles.

I had stopped watering this area because I felt overwhelmed with caretaking so much yard, but since I will be walking by this most every day on my walk, I decided to reclaim it. I’ve already ordered a new sprinkler to water this area and the lilac bush that is growing just behind the pine tree in the chicken yard. It’s a very nice stand of lilacs and I want to keep it growing.

Irrigating things is a real project here in the summer. For we so very often don’t get a drop of rain for months on end. It’s the ONE thing that bothers me about my corner of the world. Anyway, now that the area is tidy, I might have to practice balancing again. It’s much more inviting. It may be time to bring in some new minerals to play with too. I’ll be on the lookout for likely candidates in the weeks ahead.