A Quiet of Intention

Wow. I haven’t been here for a long time. Shall we psychoanalyze the various reasons for my absence?

(Please… no… I beg you.)

Well, there’s an indicator of where () is holding. Anyone else have input?

I will just say that the general climate of the psyche of a significant portion of humanity is leaning away from frivolous ‘bread and circuses’ mentality and stumbling forward toward the core values and deeper truths of what it means to be a person in this world. I do mean stumbling, because the journey is rocky and filled with recalibrations at every step.

Things that used to be seemingly essential for happiness, have now been exposed to be mere distractions from the greater and more profound truths of becoming a fully actualized human being.

The white noise machine that was drowning out the still small voice in all of us has been interrupted and in some cases turned off entirely. It sputters to life once in a while for brief moments that only illustrate its absurd cartoon like fakery. And to further complicate our situation, each and every one of us is walking this path at our own pace. Like we have an inner vibration that is calibrating our journey. A unique compass that is as individual as our fingerprint.

But oddly enough in all this inward facing energy, what seems to be happening is that this very process of individuation is revealing the direction of the collective consciousness.

And for this period of time, I have to say that my journey is SO individual that sharing the details and nuances of it to anyone else is not that helpful. In fact it is a distraction from you being able to focus on YOUR individual path. And I would go so far as to say that for whatever period of time it takes us to go through this transition, it’s actually rude to interject my very subjective experiences.

So… I come to the point of this post. It is my intention… my deliberate intention, to be quiet. I wanted to make this polite announcement because I feel an obligation to you my readers to explain my silence. And I invite you all to go inward, perhaps further than you have ever dared to go and discover your innermost self and take stock of what really matters. And I have this feeling that if we all give ourselves time and the space to do this work, carefully and free from the distractions of the ‘circus’ we may very well find that every one and every thing of true shining divine value will be waiting for us at the very center of Being.

May our journey be swift.