Eco Dying in the Slow Lane

Compared to last year, my eco dying adventures are in low gear. I would say mostly because I have experimented with just about every plant available to me in a twelve mile radius! It’s the experimenting that was driving me. Now, I’m trying to think of unique ways to place the plant material that might make more interesting papers. That’s harder. However, this year I do have an outlet for some of the papers. A local business is buying cards that I make with them. I glue the papers onto blank cardstock with tape runner and package them along with an envelope. Here they are right before I delivered them to the business:

A closer view:

The morning glories are SO amazing this year in the garden, and in my dye pot. Here are a few pictures of papers right after I took them out of the bundle:

I didn’t have as much plant material to work with this time as I resisted the urge to go foraging in town and along the roads.

I wanted to keep it simple. It’s sort of tricky when I do a forage run because things start to wilt very quickly in this heat and I don’t enjoy being in a rush. Never have. With anything. Ever. It’s a thing with me. Anyway, I’m very happy to have found an outlet for some of these creations. No matter how small. It adds a little spice to the process. 🙂

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