More Than Lavender

But still…. I gathered the very last of the flowers this morning. I have run out of floorspace in the house, so I enlisted Hen’s Rest as another place to dry them.

It was good to get them all gathered in before the flowers had lost their color and strong aroma. But that’s not the only thing in the garden that is ready to harvest. I picked a basket full of kale and four of the very first zucchini.

I know, I know, they look like pickles. 🙂 I decided not to let them get huge overnight. I have several plants and expect to be overrun with them soon. Neighbors beware. 🙂

To my surprise and delight this year for some reason I have virtually no ants in my garden. This means that I have no aphids, as the ants were aphid farmers. I’ve never had such pristine kale leaves before. I don’t know what happened to the ants. I can’t say I miss them in any way however and don’t feel like looking into it any further.

Good riddance.