Real Life

I stipulate that the sporadic nature of my blogging of late is problematic.

(What are we in a court of law? What’s your problem? Speak like a normal person. ….. Oh wait. Never mind, I forgot who I’m talking to here… Carry on.)

It’s so comforting to have your permission. Sigh.

Anyway, I have been intensely occupied with every aspect of my life lately. I’m not sure if it is a response to the utter chaos that is manifesting itself in the public domain. From local to global, it feels like the clowns have taken over the circus. I mean no one would possibly be able to do a serious high wire act with clowns squirting water and throwing confetti bombs at you non stop, right?*

So… I have retreated to my own borders and focused my laser beam attention to everything around here that isn’t operating at its very best. And in my transitory voyages into obsessive compulsive territory, this can be as exacting as moving a small shelf over to the left one and one half inches.

Planting the garden has been a true challenge this year as we have been yo-yo ing between 100 degrees and 68 degrees for highs during the day. I also took on a rearranging project that ended up involving four rooms in my house and six pieces of furniture. Though I cannot exactly call that work. In my world that is household management of the giddy kind.

Anyway, all this to try to excuse my absence of late. I really have been fully occupied with my LIFE. Here are some pictures from this morning in the garden:

In the picture below, that one bed that looks empty actually contains the delicate beginnings of carrots, dill, chamomile and one other plant I can’t remember at the moment because it took so long for them to sprout.

Here are the potatoes:

This isn’t a very good picture, but these are most of my tomatoes. This year after talking to a local friend who is a tomato growing fool… I learned that she shades her plants like this. I love a good experiment in the garden. 🙂

In this bed are some randomly planted onions, corn, and some ornamental blue wheat that S. gave me seeds for. I’m very interested to see how that will turn out.

And finally, the main lavender crop. I have to admit, I was almost despairing of these plants this year. But they bounced back from their forlorn condition early on in the Spring and have just changed my mind about having to pull them out and start over. They may have a year or two left in them!

So that’s my story today… it being the first one in weeks where I didn’t have some pressing problem to solve with furniture, shelves, books, weeds, heat, cold, mowing, purchasing items to feed my OCD tendencies, or dispatching marauding digger squirrels that invaded my garden and chewed the young pea plants to death. Perhaps there will be quiet time today to make some art. We’ll see if I can get my nit picky self to calm settle down.

(Good luck with that.)

Thank you.

*That saying, “Not my circus, not my monkeys” can no longer be uttered in good faith. This IS our circus and those ARE our monkeys cavorting around in high places. … Just sayin’.

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  1. Looks great. The plants you have chosen should be very happy and thrive ❤ together. Keep us posted.

  2. A person has to do what a person has to do in these times.
    I’m hiding behind my sewing machine.
    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 🙂

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