I don’t know about you, but there’s too much going on in the world. And too much has been going on in my little corner of it. Ergo, I have neglected to write anything in here of late.

I do have a little something to share today though. A couple of weeks ago, S. [who has a proper pond in her yard] was cleaning it out and reclaiming it from a rather invasive water iris. She brought me a clump of it and all we did was plop it in the water in my little pond. The roots form its own kind of island. And boy does it have roots! They look like turtle legs. From a BIG turtle. They are kinda scary to tell you the truth. Anyway, yesterday it started blooming!

Here’s the whole pond this year. The deer are still chewing on things. But there are a couple of plants they don’t like. And a few that are still alive, but they keep pruning them back. At this point I have given up any expectations about the area. Whatever grows, will grow.

It’s been quite chilly here and the real heat of summer has yet to arrive. Every now and then, one wonders if it will.

But that’s a story for another day.