Mr. P to the Rescue

For the last week I have been stalled in my garden project. I left messages with two different people about hiring them to move dirt for me. Neither one called me back.

I was considering doing it myself, though I knew at a half wheelbarrow a load, it was going to take a LOT of time. The whole job was psychologically and physically just a drag on my garden mojo to say the least.

Yesterday all that changed when Mr. P volunteered to help me move the dirt. I took him up on it immediately. He took big loads, I took small loads and in between I raked the soil into place. I paced myself as best I could and resisted the urge to take loads that were too heavy for me. It took an hour and a half for us to finish the whole dang thing! I cannot describe my relief to have this part finished! Here are some pictures just as we finished:

I’ve started to put down the hay mulch in the pathways.

I’m sprouting sweet pea seeds right now to plant out, and I intend to plant shelling peas tomorrow or Sunday. The rest of the planting will wait till warmer weather. But for now, I just feel like sitting out in the garden shelter and surveying the lovely order from what used to be a pretty chaotic situation. Entropy is an exacting and harsh taskmaster. But can be held at bay with a little help from friends. 🙂