And the Turtle WINS!

If I wasn’t so sore and worn out right now, I would be walking on air! This morning, after a huge amount of preparation, I tilled the garden! What is really funny about this is that the actual tilling took probably half an hour, not counting the raking I did afterwards. Power tools rock!

I got out Mr. P’s tall ladder to take these pictures. I wanted to use them myself for making a planting plan. I thought I might open them up on my computer and write in what is going to go where. It would be more accurate than me trying to make a garden plan with pencil and paper.

I have to say, this makeover has been just as much work as the first time I started working this garden space. The next step is to hire someone to help me with topping off the beds with the new soil. And I think I will add in some in a few places that could use a boost. I have already seen the benefit of taking photos of the tilled soil around the boxes. I think I am going to construct two small growing areas at the end of two of the raised beds.

For several years now, I haven’t HAD a real plan. I have just let things go to seed, left volunteers to grow wherever they happened to sprout, and generally let the whole thing go kinda wild. I’m looking forward to perhaps making a more aesthetically pleasing configuration. We’ll see how that goes. Anyway, here’s my ‘blank slate’ with the exception of established or transplanted flowers that I couldn’t bear to lose.

Now it’s time to put on my gardener’s thinking cap.

Right after I take a gardener’s nap!