You Know It When You See It

The other day I was at the consignment store with my mother. We like to go there about once every six weeks, because they have a pretty good turn over and there’s bound to be some new things to see.

This trip I found something adorable. As a matter of fact, on catching sight of it, I was stopped dead in my tracks. Because my friends, the shape of this thing is perfect in every way.

You could show me any number of pitchers you would care to, and I would still choose this one. I can hardly imagine a more pleasing shape and color. And to complete its charm, on the bottom it says ‘To Mom’. Someone made this in a ceramics class for their mother. So yeah, it’s special.

But back to my point. Some things just have perfect shapes. And the deepest part of your brain registers this.

Here’s a perfectly shaped 1994 Honda Accord.

Honda never made a nicer looking vehicle. They should still be making them. And here’s a shape in nature that one could never improve upon:

Astonishing beauty of form and function. Don’t even think about any modifications to this!

Anyway, this is just my little observation of the day. I’ll bet you have a few items that you could add to this short list. Care to share? I’d love to hear what they are.