No Whine

Though I do reserve the right to whimper.

It’s been a very physically demanding week, to put it mildly. I have transplanted several flowers that made it over the winter from the raised beds to other locations in the garden. Weeded, raked, cleared out dead plants, and mowed inside and outside of the fence, and generally messed around with every single square inch of the garden.

The dumpster arrived yesterday, so today I tackled the old carpeting. It was really nice to have it last season to keep the weeds at bay. But this year I want to have more space available to actually grow things. I cut it into smaller pieces so they would be easier to handle and to fit in the dumpster in a tidy and space saving way.

Here is the garden afterwards:

I did manage to install a sprinkler in the middle of the garden. I had a nice metal pipe hanging around and I borrowed a post pounder and then secured it to one of the boxes with a pipe clamp. It’s sold as a rock AND it reaches the whole garden! I bought a timer too, so this year, watering my garden is going to be a LOT easier.

I did save one strip of carpet to lay along the north side of the fence to keep the grass down. It’s always a hassle to keep it tidy there. Hoping this makes a difference.

I opened up that space in the middle by removing two old posts and relocating those two white planters. I can’t decide what to plant there at the moment. I think I will wait until after it has all been tilled. I’m hoping a blank slate will bring forth inspiration. If not, I am in big trouble.

The trails you see in the places where the carpet used to be are Mole trails. They had a lot of fun during ‘the year of the carpeting’. 🙂

The one thing I am going to need help with is sitting quietly over by the little pond. It’s an intimidating ten yards of topsoil.

Mr. P and I went halvsies on it. I’m hoping to hire someone to haul some of it into the garden for me. I DO know my limits and hauling wheelbarrows full of this stuff is now officially beyond my pay grade. I might be able to muster one or two, but fifteen or twenty? Not so much.

I’m glad I was able to get so much done this week, and I am really looking forward to Shabbat when all of this sort of work is not allowed. Thank God. He knew what He was doing with that commandment!