Attitude Adjustments

I need more color in this place! Luckily for me, I have lots of photos to play with. I miss my familiar interface. But as with all things, change is part of the system. I need to flow with it.

The above photo is a tantalizing reminder that Spring is on its way [fighting tooth and claw]… and soon I will be playing with paper and plants again. This year I am going to try to find a larger variety of paper types to experiment with.

Quite some time back, I used up some really cheap drawing paper from a ring bound journal that made a print so subtle and alluring that I have it framed and hanging in my bedroom:

I would like to get some more of that paper and see what else I can create with it.

However, I will have to be patient, for green matter is virtually nowhere to be seen right now. Just like me to get an itch long before I can do anything about it.

(Where are we and why do I have lavender clothes on?)

New theme, new situation. Requiring attitude adjustments.

(I don’t want to change my attitude.)

Why does this not surprise me?