Too Much?

A few years ago, I bought a pair of Birkenstocks that I fell in love with. Here’s a picture I found on line of the style:

Now mine were not quite this vibrant. In your mind’s eye, take them down about three notches into more of the lilac/lavender scale and that’s more true to life.

I was so happy with them! They fit perfectly and they were just the color I loved. But my happy honeymoon was short lived. In just a matter of weeks the color began to fade. Drastically. Eventually, they turned a sort of indescribable taupe with only the whisper of the memory of lavender. They basically looked dirty all the time. However, given the price of this brand of footwear, and the fact that they were still quite comfortable and in no way worn out, I continued to wear them.

With warmer weather on its way, [even though it snowed last night], I got them out of the back of the closet and mourned over them once again.

But I had an idea. You can buy shoe dye. It’s not rocket science. So I went on Amazon and looked into it. I actually found a shoe dye for suede that was called ‘Lilac’. I thought… well, there we go! Sign me up, take my money! All the while envisioning my subtle lavender shoes restored to their glory days.

The bottle of dye arrived and when I opened it was a little worried about the hue. It seemed a little dark. I decided I would rather have that than walking around in dirty looking shoes.

Following the directions to the letter, I commenced swabbing on the color….. the bright color…. the eye popping color… of the so called ‘lilac’ dye.

I’m not sure, but I think I may have to get a permit to wear these in public. They might be harmful to the eyesight…

Should I chance it?

(Good god woman! Those might frighten small children!)

Well, maybe they will fade. Just like the other color.

(One can only hope….)

As always, time will tell….. and if they do, I still have half a bottle of dye left!