Kanban Overhaul

Just last week I moved the last sticky note from the To-Do side of the Kanban board, to the Done column.

It felt good. But it was a long time coming let me tell you!

Here it is :

All those stickies represent a lot of man hours.

Here’s my brand new list:

It was a happy day when I first saw this system at my youngest son’s house all those years ago. It fits right in with the way I like to do things, and it’s encouraging to see how things are progressing in a very obvious way. And since I have been using it for quite a while now, I am not intimidated by the size of the to-do list. I have given myself permission to work at my own pace. I’m the boss of my Kanban. 🙂

I didn’t put up a sticky about configuring this blog page though. I’m still on the fence about whether I want to dive into that murky pool. Our intrepid webmaster Steve sent me a tutorial of how to take more control of what is on this page and I’m watching and learning and waiting for a little more intestinal fortitude.

There was a time when I would have not have stopped fussing with settings until I was totally satisfied with how things looked. But oddly enough even though in theory it is ‘easier’ now, in some ways it is so much more complex and the mental gymnastics involved are just on the edge of my competence horizon. I always knew this day would come… when the computer train would leave the station without me. I can’t quite decide if I want to get off at Willoughby or not. (Ref. Twilight Zone episode).

If this page stays as is, you will know I stepped onto the platform and waved the train goodbye. If it looks different in the next week or so, you will know that my stubborn streak stepped up to the plate one more time. 🙂

(The suspense is killing me. …… NOT.)

Perhaps this time, you will be given free rein to gloat to your cold and calculating, grammatically correct heart’s content.

Time will tell.