At Last

Today it was warm enough for this to happen:

It’s hard to describe how delightful it was to sit in Hen’s Rest and read a chapter from the one of three books I’m working on right now. The quietness, the lack of distraction, the closeness to the outdoors, the beauty of the things I have collected to live in there just puts me in a state of being like no other place in my life.

If I could package it, I would be the richest woman in the world.

Oh wait.

I think I am the richest woman in the world. At least when I am in that little 7 by 7 former chicken coop.

(Your standards are pretty freaking low there Cupcake.)

That’s the genius of it don’t you see?

(Not really.)

Sigh. Well, some things around here haven’t changed one bit.

Even though I haven’t read it yet, rule number 8 in Jordan Peterson’s new book is: ‘Try to make one room in your house as beautiful as possible’. I don’t know what he has to say about that yet, but I have a feeling that’s what has happened with my hen house. It’s not IN my house, but I surely did try to make it as beautiful [and functional] as I possibly could. I wonder if he predicts the magical qualities that have manifested within these rustic walls? Eventually I will find out what he has to say. I just need to pull the trigger on this: