Moving House

Here we are in our new digs. I don’t know where my socks are. I don’t know where my toothbrush is. And I have no idea how to change the font in this new theme. Yes, I have looked it up and watched a few videos that direct me to places that don’t exist in the labyrinth of customizer choices. At least so far.

Dear Diary had to go through a major overhaul. We’ve transitioned from a free site to a paying one. I for one am happy to go that route to preserve some continuity and not to consign my many years of entries to the ether of space. So I am getting used to a few new things. I found a way to migrate some familiar images and formatting. All this writing here is just to make myself feel better if I can. They say that humans don’t like change. And today I can confirm this fact. …. I hope to get this place spiffed up in the coming days. And more to my liking. Bear with me if you please.