Shopping Day

There is nothing quite as endearing at 5:15 in the morning than seeing my husband doing a little war dance in his favorite western shirt and his underwear singing, “It’s the biggest shopping day of the year, doo dah,

doo dah “ It’s an image that will stay with me all day I suspect.

He and my oldest son are off to the computer store to bag some buys with the same enthusiasm some men display for duck hunting. So instead of mallards or geese, they will come home with motherboards and memory chips.

Now it is true that ducks and geese would be cheaper, but plucking is involved with birds and other unmentionable intestinal activities that I would just as soon skip altogether. So instead of outwitting some wily wild avian adversaries, they will be facing off with quivering 18 year old temporary holiday help. Hardly a fair contest. I hope they are gentle with them.

Being the introverted penny pinching miserly type myself, I find the thought of going shopping the day after Thanksgiving masochistic. I like shopping on a Thursday afternoon in February much better. But to each his own. That’s one of the things that makes America so great. Freedom to shop or not to shop. So I’m exercising my constitutional right to cozy up in bed on this frosty morning of the biggest shopping day of the year to scribble in my journal instead. God Bless America !