I hab a code id by dose

Sunday morning. 4:30 AM

Why the heck to we have sinuses ?

A drippy, sloppy, cloggy, boggy, cough inducing, streaming eye creating, kleenex using, sleep depriving, routine disrupting bit of anatomy if I ever knew one!

If you ever find out the purpose of the common cold, please keep it to yourself. I don’t think we could handle the added burden of finding out it’s “good for us” in any way.

The part about being ill that annoys me most is how it narrows one’s world down to the size of a bathrobe and a kleenex box. This is barely a world worth living in. Especially when you get to the stage where the kleenex begins to feel like sandpaper. . . (okay, it’s a hackneyed analogy but I truly cannot think of another right now, I think it’s the mouth breathing that’s doing it to me)

Anyway, when you get to the sandpaper stage any sentient being must begin to get philosophical. Or run the risk of drifting into the black hole of despair where the meaning of Life the Universe and Everything has definitely fled to The Restaurant at the End of the Universe and may not even be on the menu any more.

Of course, if you are not quite so close to the precipice, you could take a nice hot bath. My remedy for whatever ails the human body or soul. What would make this hot bath particularly comforting for me would be that nice rubber ducky floating in the steamy water. Unfortunately I have yet to find said ducky and will have to manage without him. Maybe if I floated my kleenex box ?


You may be right, my brain is muddled by fluids being secreted by those pesky . . . .sinuses.

Why the heck DO we have sinuses ?

A drippy, sloppy, cloggy, boggy…..

(Muffled noise….followed by kleenex box hitting the floor.)

“Somebody get the thermometer, I think she has a fever.”