Speedily In Our Days . . .

There is something about a fall afternoon that makes me think I can see the future. Especially when there is the smell of a storm in the air. Did you know that in the Jewish calendar autumn is the beginning of the new year ? I think I have always sensed this even though I was not raised with this knowledge. I was taught it later in life.

I remember several autumn afternoons in my life when I felt this amazing pull. Almost as if one could pass into another dimension if one knew just where to stand, or just the proper words to utter. These moments have framed my perception of the world. They have convinced me that just beyond the clamor of modern life, there is an entire paradigm that is full of the magic that we lack. A world that is more open to possibilities than we allow ourselves, even in our age of technology. A reality that is not safe. Where one might be forever changed by watching water flowing over a stone or be propelled into enlightenment by a thunderstorm.

Oh, how we have kidnapped Wonder, and placed her in a tower surrounded by thorns like the Sleeping Beauty she is.

By our cynical and jaded views, we hold her captive in a cruel exile. We should be ashamed, but we boast about our sophistication and call ourselves immune to the gullible tales of the simple minded. But those very moments when we let go the reins of rationality are the gates to most excellent Joy. How foolish we have become. We trade real happiness for ersatz titillation and think ourselves wise. It makes me weep.

But I will not weep forever. Because in time, our world WILL be transformed, and all the doors will be flung open. Yes, at the expense of some of our most prized monuments, and stalwart modern doctrines. Let them fall I say, and let Wonder loose again in the world. Free to wreak havoc with the cynic in all of us, until we are weak with laughter at our former folly and our unbelief is washed away. May that time come speedily in our days. Amen