Ode to Stench

We live about 5 miles from a rendering plant where they boil down animal carcases. This plant emmits the most astonishingly horrible smells ! But it only becomes a problem when the wind blows from just the right direction. And thankfully that means it’s not a problem ALL the time 🙂 I wrote a poem about it not long ago…. here it is:

Ode To Stench

Oh Bovine stench of epic proportions

Your seething cauldrons spew evil concoctions.

Your most offal potions stew in darkness of night

Those odiferous emissions are truly a fright.

Turning crisp spring air to foul smelling eruptions

With more than a hint of horrific corruptions.

I’ve heard your malodors can be partially muzzled

Why you don’t do it keeps me thoroughly puzzled.

Instead under cover of midnight so deep

You create new meaning of disruption of sleep.

The smelliferous fumes from your boiling heap

Odious and loathsome through our windows do creep.

Cease I say, your obnoxious pollutions

Desist emitting your olfactory intrusions.

Else some dark night after rising from bed,

We will come and install a big bag on your head.