Fame or Fish Juice ?

I am so jazzed !

Have you ever heard of “A Praire Home Companion” ? It is a radio program produced in St. Paul Minnesota on National Public Radio. It is a variety show with skits and music and a wonderful monolog by Garrison Keillor. He is a writer who wrote, among other things, “Lake Woebegon Days”

I admire his work very much and LOVE the radio show. Well, they have a web site too that you can check out.

Prarie Home

On the web site there is a link to a page that says “Stories from Home” . On that page you can submit a poem or essay or pictures from your home. I gathered up my courage and submitted an essay. On Friday I got an email notice that reads:

Thanks for sending the submission, “The Gift of Learning:” to Mr. Keillor. The essay has been placed in Mr. Keillor’s office.

Kathy Roach Production Assistant, The Writer’s Almanac

MY essay is in his office ! (Grinning from ear to ear) I told my mother that I don’t care if he uses it to wrap FISH in, I will be happy that it is in his office 🙂 They post submissions twice a week on the web site. I have no idea how long it takes to wade through the pile, but I THINK he must choose which ones get on. Anyway, I am inordinately tickled about the whole thing.

At the web site you can listen to the show live on Saturdays or try looking it up on the site for a station near you that might carry it. If you have never heard the show, it is worth at least one try. I recommend it highly !

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